The Scalextric Pictorial Reference Library.
An Online resource for Scalextric enthusiasts, fans, racers and collectors.


SCALEXTRIC guide books such as Scalextric Past & Present and the Ultimate Guide were  
printed between 1981 and 2015 contain the complete history of Scalextric including brands:

MiniModels, Scalex, Startex and Scalextric and products:
Sets, Cars, Karts, You Steer, Motorcycles, Sidecars,
Kit Cars, Super 124 cars and sets, Police and Circuit Support vehicles made in the:
UK, France, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, USA, Canada & Argentina and:
Rare colours and liveries, exclusive cars, accessories and sets, horses, TV and Film related products and: Track, Accessories, Buildings, Motors, Guides, Limited Editions and Special Editions.

The book contains listings of all cars and sets detailing all the variations to help you identify items in your collection making the books the perfect guides to the history of SCALEXTRIC.

This website,, supports the Scalextric books with more images and information and acts as an interim update.